Urgent Light Driver Job in Qatar 2024

Job offer for Nepali workers in Qatar that includes a free visa. Suppose you are looking for an urgent light driver job in Qatar. In that case, there is an excellent opportunity for you all, as Tasty Melt Chocolate Trading is opening job vacancies for Nepalese drivers, supervisors, salesmen, secretaries, and many other positions.

Open Positions

The company seeks Nepalese citizens for positions such as drivers, general supervisors, salespeople, secretaries, representatives, supervisors, and general cleaning workers.

Working Hours and Days

According to the contract, the working shift for workers is 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week. The company also provides overtime facilities for employees. The company’s offer of a working contract is for two years.

Salary and Benefits Urgent Light Driver Job in Qatar

Minimum salary ranges start from NPR 36,560 and can rise to NPR 109,680, including free food and accommodation, medical insurance, an annual air ticket, thirty-three days of holiday per year, and an annual bonus.

Eligibility Criteria

To be worthy of this urgent light driver job in Qatar, you should have some basic qualifications, such as educational certificates of SEE or higher level, strong communication skills, good English, and an age gap between 22 and 35 years.

Date of the Final Interview

The last interview is set for May 18, 2024, with preinterviews taking place every day. Seize to try something different at New S.V. International Pvt. Ltd.

Urgent Light Driver Job in Qatar

How to Apply

Interested candidates, please contact Us: New S.V. International Private Limited, Phone number: 01-5913575, mobile: 9704338375, 9704888695, Or send a resume to

Final Conclusion

You are strongly advised to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get an urgent light driver job at Qatar Tasty Melt Chocolate Trading Company and enjoy luxury while working.


Q: What is the process to apply for these positions?

  • A: Interested candidates can send their CVs and essential documents to the given email address or contact the main office directly.

Q: Are the benefits provided to all employees?

  • A: Yes, the benefits are provided to all employees without looking at their jobs or positions.

Q: What are the reasons for holding a pre-interview?

  • A: The main reason for holding preinterviews is to get basic information about their conversation skills and behavior.

Q: Is Arabic required for these positions?

  • A: Not required, but a little knowledge can help you with your colleagues while working.

Q: How can I increase my chances of getting selected for the final interview?

  • A: By improving your English communication skills and keeping a positive attitude toward the examination officer, you can increase your chances of being selected for the final interview.

Most Important Notice:

The information provided by the Department of Foreign Employment.

  • If only the visa is granted in our name, we should only deposit the money in the office. The amount of funds deposited should be compensated at any cost.
  • The address and phone number of the Nepalese embassy located in the nation where you are going to work should be with you.
  • You should avoid paying any extra money for advertising.
  • Pre-training should be taken compulsory before leaving the country.
  • Make insurance mandatory when going for foreign employment.
  • You should sign the contract agreement only after getting the proper information about the country, the company that provided the job, the service facility, and others; you should keep at least one copy of the signed deal.
  • You should avoid going on labor approval. Nepalese passports should be used when going to work in other countries. It would be best if you didn’t believe in the work of brokers during working hours, or you would get scammed.
  • If you need more detailed information about the advertisement, contact the Department of Foreign Employment, Tinkune, Kathmandu.
  • It would help if you didn’t leave or run from the company you will work on for external purposes.
  • It would be best to obey the rules and regulations of the country where you will work.
  • You should return to your country if your working period has expired.

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