Storekeeper Jobs in Qatar Excellent Salary 69,369

Is a thrilling job opportunity in the Middle East something you’re interested in? One of the best places to look for storekeeper jobs in Qatar is at Vectrus Maintenance Services in Qatar. In addition to a great salary and generous benefits package, this role also allows for flexible business and personal travel.

Available Position Storekeeper Jobs in Qatar

How organized and detail-oriented are you? We have openings for storekeepers in Qatar right now. Vectrus Maintenance Services Company is looking to add 15 males to our exciting team of storekeepers in Qatar.

Working Hours

Maintain a consistent eight-hour workday, five days a week. The availability of overtime is subject to the rules and regulations of the company. The first contract is for two years, so storekeeper jobs in Qatar will be secure and guaranteed.


Gain access to perks like free meals and lodging in addition to a monthly compensation of Rs 69,369 from your employer. Focus on your work as a storekeeper in Qatar while enjoying a carefree lifestyle.


Storekeeper job opportunities in Qatar are available for those without relevant experience, though we do favor those with relevant work stories. Make sure you’re ready to succeed with our thorough on-the-job training programme.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Accept all incoming materials and verify their accuracy with the purchase orders.
  • Make note of, and deal with, any differences in the orders that have been received.
  • Update the facility’s inventory system with the most recent physical stock counts, receipts, adjustments, and returns to guarantee correctness.
  • Record all stockroom transactions, including receipts and withdrawals.
  • Collect, unload, and organise inventory.
  • Return, package, price, and label materials, among other tasks pertaining to inventory.
  • Examine shipments for any signs of damage or irregularities; notify accounting so that refunds can be processed and records can be maintained.
  • Arrange for the proper warehousing of items in the warehouse.
  • Maintain an orderly and clean storage area.
  • Resolve conflicts between workers and clients by mediating and de-escalating them.


  • Equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • Shown expertise in retail management or a related field.
  • The ability to accurately keep track of finances and stock.
  • Knowledge of the accepted norms, policies, and processes of a specific profession.
  • Superb people have abilities in both verbal and nonverbal expression.
  • Proficiency in both individual and group work.
  • Impressive ability to stay organised and handle time effectively.
  • Competence in lifting large items.


To work as a storekeeper in Qatar, you need at least a secondary school diploma or the equivalent. Academic credentials are less important than your passion and commitment.

Interview Date

Save the date! On December 17, 2023, representatives from Middle East Manpower Private Limited will hold the last interview for the storekeeper work opportunities in Qatar position at their Kathmandu office.

Storekeeper Jobs in Qatar

Contact Office in Nepal

Come to the office of Middle East Manpower Private Limited in Kupondole, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal, to submit your application or ask any questions you may have. Those seeking more information about storekeeper jobs in Qatar can reach us at 01-5429960 or 5430263.


What’s the interview process like for storekeeper job opportunities in Qatar?

  • Company representatives will conduct the last interview. Get ready to demonstrate your abilities and passion for the position.

Are experienced candidates preferred for storekeeper work opportunities in Qatar?

  • We provide on-the-job training for individuals without prior experience in storekeeper jobs in Qatar; however, experience is encouraged.

What are the working hours for storekeeper job opportunities in Qatar?

  • Storekeeper jobs in Qatar typically include eight-hour days or five-day weeks, with the possibility of overtime pay if the employer so desires.

Final Conclusion

Overall, if you are looking for a rewarding job, you can look into the Storekeeper work opportunities in Qatar for Foreign Workers 2023 with Vectrus Maintenance Services. This job is appealing because of the competitive salary, complete benefits, and opportunity to work in a fast-paced atmosphere.

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