Best Paid Storekeeper Job In Kuwait, Salary Up-to 77,909/-

Just Manoushe Fast Food Company is currently announcing a vacancy for Nepalese workers eager to embark on a new journey. We are on the hunt for skilled and unskilled Nepalese workers to join our dynamic team in Kuwait. Here is everything you need to know about the best-paying storekeeper job in Kuwait and other open positions.

Currently Open Vacancy

Just Manoushe Fast Food Company is offering storekeeper jobs in Kuwait; our doors are open for a variety of roles:

Artist Cook5Rs 77,909/-
Commis15Rs 56,268/-
Juice Maker5Rs 64,925/-
Light Vehicle Driver10Rs 58,432/-
Steward15Rs 38,955/-
Storekeeper5Rs 60,596/-
Waiter10Rs 51,940/-

Working hours and days

The storekeeper job in Kuwait is for Nepali workers working a schedule per day for 8 hours, working a 6-day shift a week, and taking 1 day off per week, as the Kuwait company rules. There is also the possibility of earning extra income through overtime work for the right candidates, following the Kuwait company rules and regulations. The duration of work will be 2 years. The contract period will be 2 years, and if you want to do more work, you can renew your contract and do more work for this company.

Salary and Benefits of Storekeeper Job in Kuwait

The salary for the storekeeper job in Kuwait for Nepalese workers ranges from Rs 38,955 to Rs 77,909. This is a very good benefit of having your food and accommodation covered by this company completely free for Nepali workers. This will be a golden opportunity for Nepali workers to save their entire salary with the option of free meals.


For the storekeeper job in Kuwait and other vacancies, you will need to complete your education qualification (SLC) with a 12th pass. It will be easy for Nepali workers with this qualification to work in hotel lines in Kuwait, and in many other fields, you will get a chance to work at an attractive salary.

Final Interview Date: Don’t Miss Out!

Set your interview date! The final interview for these storekeeper jobs in Kuwait for Nepali workers is scheduled for April 2nd, 2024 (Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in office hours). Nepali citizens who want to go for foreign employment should make all preparations for the final interview. The final interview will be held at the Frontline Recruitment manpower office in Kathmandu.

Storekeeper job in Kuwait

Contact Us

Contact Details Ready to apply for the good-paying storekeeper jobs in Kuwait for Nepali workers? Reach out to us at:

  • Office Name: Frontline Recruitment Private Limited Office
  • Address: Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tel: 01-4593645, 4593646, 4593647
  • Mobile Number: 9851100134, 9818819581, 9804705263
  • Email address: info@manpoweragencynepal.com

We hope this work information helps you with your application for the storekeeper job in Kuwait for Nepalese citizens with Just Manoushe!

Please see the list below for all the information that Nepal’s Foreign Employment Department has provided.

  1. Talk to the agency about the visa proof that was given to you.
  2. Keep the contact details and location of the Diplomatic Mission of Nepal in the country you are going to work in; it will be easy to contact if you get into trouble.
  3. Make sure you understand the services, facilities, and pay that are provided in this advertisement.
  4. Before going to foreign employment, you will have to go for employment only after taking orientation or induction training.
  5. Before going abroad, sign the employment contract only after reading the details regarding the country, company, facilities, services, terms, and conditions mentioned in the agreement thoroughly and keeping a copy of the same.
  6. If you’re going abroad, you should use the International Airport of Nepal.
  7. If you want to know all the information about this advertisement, please visit the website of Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), or you can also visit the Department of Foreign Employment Tahachal.

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