Security guard | Light driver (GCC) workers demand in Qatar

The Al Ghunaim Trading Company Limited is a Kuwaiti company that is urgently demanding security guards and light driver workers. The company is offering good salaries for these positions, and this is a great opportunity for Nepalese workers to find employment in Kuwait. In order to be a security guard or light driver, workers must have the necessary experience required to perform their duties effectively. Security guards must be able to communicate well, understand security procedures, and have the ability to handle difficult situations. Light drivers must have a clean driving record, knowledge of the area, and be able to handle customer service.

Security guard and light driver (GCC) workers have a variety of duties that they must perform on a daily basis in order to keep the premises safe and secure. These workers are responsible for ensuring that all entry and exit points are secure, conducting regular patrols of the premises, and responding to any security breaches that may occur. In addition, they must also maintain accurate records of all activities on the premises and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

This company has been in Kuwait for many years, and Nepalese workers have been working for them for just as long. The company is known for being a good employer, and they have a good reputation in the community. Many of the Nepalese workers who have been with the company for a long time are very loyal and dedicated to their work. The company has a good benefits package and the working conditions are good. The company is also willing to invest in its employees and has a good training program.

The demand number is 205 people. Salary Up to 72,528 Nepalese currency. Full-time work 6 shifts a week & working run 8-10 hours every day, Duration of work two years only. If you are a Nepalese worker who wants to go for foreign employment at an attractive salary, please get in touch with the relevant Manpower office. The phone number and office address are all given on the website. The office will provide you with all the necessary information and help you to get the job you want.

Nepal Recruiting Agency Name Sunera Nepal Incorporated Private Limited
Lot Number 274356
Country Name Kuwait


Company Name Al Ghunaim Trading Company Limited
Approval Date Information 2079/07/17

The Department of Foreign Labor provides the following information

  1. Your deposit should be made after you have received a personal visa from the company. Collect the voucher as soon as possible
  2. here are Nepalese diplomatic offices in the countries where you are employed or will be employed. Make sure to note their contact information. You can easily contact them when necessary
  3. Don’t give more than the amount listed on the document
  4. You must go through orientation before you can work abroad
  5. For employment abroad, please make sure you carefully research the country, the company, and the perks you will receive before traveling. You should only sign the agreement once you have read it carefully. Make sure you have a copy of this document on hand
  6. When traveling abroad, it is best to use the Nepali airport rather than other airports, since there are chances of being conned otherwise
    Please contact the Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal if you have any questions about this ad

The following instructions are important if you are considering foreign employment

  • Before applying, check all LT details
  • Knowing how much of your quota is left will help you decide whether to apply. It’s possible the quota was met
  • Find out whether recruitment agencies and foreign employers have a transaction history. You can search for it using Google
  • Sending an SMS will allow you to receive the information at any time. To send it to 34001, type LT [space] [Lt-Number]

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