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What is OBS?

OBS is an open-source broadcasting software that allows streamers to stream on various platforms. It is used for streaming as well as recording screens. We can stream games, cam and many more through it in our custom RTMP server. It contains various features for streaming and recording purposes. And among them, game capture, windows capture and display capture are some capture functions.

All content creators or streamers using a laptop with a dedicated graphics card from NVidia is having a problem with a black screen on any OBS studio. It is because the laptop’s display and OBS are using different graphics cards for operation. This is causing a big problem among streamers and content creators. There is various way to solve this problem and I will show you two way of doing it. Disabling the dedicated graphic card also works but you should not do any heavy graphics usage work.

To disable dedicate graphic card follow the following steps:

Step 1. Right-click on the Windows button.


GO to start


Step 2. Click on device manager. The device manager window will open and search for display drivers.


go to device manager


devicemager opens


Step 3. Click on display adapters and find the NVIDIA graphic card.


find for display drivers


Step 4. Right-click on NVIDIA Graphic.


disable nvida


click on disable

Step 5. Click on disable and agree with the notification.

Now open OBS software and remove the old screen and new screen capture. It will now capture your screen perfectly without any problems. But always remember now your graphic card is disabled and you should never run a high graphic required load on your pc because an integrated graphics card is not that much powerful.

Alternatively, you can run OBS on an integrated graphic card [ IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK IN SOME DEVICES]
To run OBS on an integrated graphic card follow the following steps:

Step 1. Right-click on OBS app.
Step 2. Chose the graphic divers option.
Step 3. Select run with integrated graphic.

Now your OBS software will run on an integrated graphic card and may not show the same problem again.

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