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Best Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary 2023

Many Nepalese workers have recently aspired to gain attractive career possibilities abroad, and Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary is quickly becoming a hub for such prospects. Plant Tech Arabia Co. LTD is looking for people to cover a variety of tasks, including bus drivers, pipe fitters, scaffolders, and truck drivers.

Available Positions Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary

Bus Driver: Your main responsibility as a bus driver is to make sure that people are transported safely and effectively. A clean driving record and a current driver’s license are requirements for this position. Accurately navigating a variety of routes is crucial to ensuring the safety of people under your supervision.

Pipe Fitter: If pipeline installation and maintenance are your area of expertise, you will be responsible for them. This crucial function helps ensure that different systems operate as a whole. The organization values this position and offers training to advance your knowledge so you’re prepared for the responsibilities ahead.

Scaffolder: Scaffolders are essential to the stability and integrity of the structure and are used extensively in building projects. The assembly and dismantling of scaffolding structures is what you do. Experience and a skill set that guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the construction process are prerequisites for this role.

Truck Driver: The timely and effective transportation of materials and goods is your primary concern as a truck driver. A current commercial driver’s license and suitable experience are prerequisites for this employment. Beyond only driving, you also play a crucial role in the logistics chain, ensuring that materials are transported to their intended locations smoothly.

Job Details Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary

These professions require 8 hours of work per day, six days a week, with one day off. Furthermore, the organization provides free food and lodging, making the adjustment to Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary easier for employees.

Experience requirements vary by position, and the organization provides training to ensure that employees are well-prepared for their roles.

Staff Requirements

Plant Tech Arabia Co. Ltd. is seeking 16 male employees to fill these roles. This is a great opportunity for Nepalese people looking for work in Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary

Monthly Salary Range

Depending on the function, the monthly remuneration for these positions ranges from NPR 45,805 to NPR 63,420. This competitive wage indicates the company’s dedication to providing its employees with fair compensation.

Interview Details

The final interview is slated for November 16th, 2023, at the company’s headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is an important phase for applicants to demonstrate their skills and suitability for the open opportunities.

Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary


To summarize, the career opportunities provided by Plant Tech Arabia Co. Ltd. are not only financially beneficial but also provide Nepalese people with the opportunity to get international work experience. The combination of competitive pay, free food, and lodging, plus a large number of job positions, makes this a fantastic chance for anyone looking for work in the Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary.

Contact Information

For more information or to apply, contact the company’s office in Nepal:

Hyhire International Private Limited
Sinamangal-9, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal


1. What to expect during the interview?

The interview will assess your skills and suitability for the chosen position. Be prepared to showcase your experience and willingness to learn.

2. Are these positions suitable for beginners?

While experience is preferred, the company provides training, making these positions accessible for those eager to start a career in Saudi Arabia Driver Job Salary.

3. How to apply for these jobs?

Interested applicants can apply by attending the final interview on the specified date. Bring relevant documents and be prepared for an on-the-spot assessment.

4. What documents are required for the interview?

Bring a copy of your resume, valid identification, and any relevant certifications or licenses related to the chosen position.

5. Is there any age limit for applicants?

The company welcomes applicants of all ages, provided they meet the experience and qualification requirements for the respective positions.

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