Light driver jobs in Kuwait 2023 – Good Salary 56,008 NPR

Are you a skilled light driver looking for a good job abroad? Abx Delivery Company For Consumer Order just posted an exciting job opening for a light driver jobs in Kuwait that is only open to people from Nepal. This is a great chance to start a two-year journey that will not only give you a job but also a chance to learn about a new country and get useful work experience working abroad.

Position: Light Driver

Abx Delivery Company is looking to hire 71 light driver jobs in Kuwait and is giving a good salary of NPR 56,008. As a light driver in Kuwait, your main job will be to get customer orders to where they need to go quickly and safely along the marked paths.

Duties and Working Hours

You can expect to work eight hours a day, five days a week. Work-life balance is important to the company, so they make sure you have plenty of time for personal activities. This plan is meant to give you stability and routine so that you can do a great job as a light driver.

Overtime Opportunities

Abx Delivery Company follows fair labor standards, and employees who work extra hours will be paid according to the company’s rules. This will make sure that your hard work and commitment as a light driver in Kuwait are properly recognized and rewarded.

Fooding and Accommodation

Don’t worry, the company will take care of your basic needs. Abx Delivery Company gives you food and a place to stay, so you can focus on your job as a light driver without worrying about the things you need every day. The company’s devotion to providing a supportive work environment for light drivers in Kuwait is shown by its care for its employees.

Duration of Work

As a light driver jobs in Kuwait, you will have the chance to grow professionally and personally over the course of two years. You can fully experience the rich culture of Kuwait during this time while also helping Abx Delivery Company succeed.

Light driver jobs in Kuwait

Interview Date and Contact Information

Mark your calendar for November 21, 2023, if you want to take your job as a light driver jobs in Kuwait to the next level. SRK Overseas Nepal Private Limited, based in Samakhusi, Town Planning, Kathmandu, Nepal, will be doing the interviews. People who want to know more about light driver jobs in Kuwait can call them at 4963401.


How do I get one of the light driver jobs at Abx Delivery Company in Kuwait?

  • To apply, prepare your resume and any other papers, and show up for the interview on November 21, 2023.

Are there any specific skills that applicants for the light driver jobs must have?

  • Yes, applicants must meet certain criteria set by Abx Delivery Company. Read the statement to find out more.

Why would someone want to work as a light driver jobs in Kuwait?

  • In addition to good pay, the job offers the chance to work with people from other countries and to move up in your career.

How long do you have to commit to the light driver jobs?

  • The jobs require a commitment of two years, which gives employees stability.

Is there help available to help Nepalese workers deal with problems they face abroad?

  • Yes, Abx Delivery Company is aware of the problems that might come up and helps its customers solve them.

If you want to move up in your job as a light driver jobs in Kuwait with Abx Delivery Company, don’t miss this chance. Apply today for light driver jobs in Kuwait for a chance that is more than just a job; it’s a path to personal and professional growth.

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