Best Jobs in Qatar for Freshers Workers 2023

If you’re a fresher looking for jobs in Qatar for freshers, Qatar might just be the perfect destination for you. This article delves into the fantastic openings offered by Himalaya Decoration Company, providing an insight into positions, duties, and everything you need to know.

Available positions jobs in Qatar for freshers


Carpenter: As a carpenter, your craftsmanship is essential. You play an important role in bringing concepts to life, from constructing elaborate structures to assuring the perfection of every detail.

Decor Woodworker

Decor Woodworker: Your role is defined by your attention to aesthetic detail. You add to the overall mood and appeal of the projects by transforming raw materials into visually appealing items.


Representative: As the company’s public face, effective communication is essential. Interacting with clients, understanding their needs, and communicating the company’s ethos are all important components of your job.

Mechanical Engineer

Precision and inventiveness characterize your work as a mechanical engineer. Your involvement is critical in the smooth implementation of projects, from developing designs to assuring the functionality of machines.


Supervisor: The importance of leadership is highlighted. Your everyday tasks include overseeing operations, managing teams, and ensuring efficiency, all of which contribute to the overall success of the projects you work on.


Technician: You are an expert in your field. Troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, and critical support guarantee the steady evolution of work inside the business.

Decoration Technician

Decoration Technician: You bring the creative concept to life by combining technical talents with an eye for aesthetics. Your job entails installing ornamental features and putting the finishing touches on projects to take them to the next level.


Discover a balanced work-life balance with 8-hour workdays, 6 days a week, and a well-deserved day off.

Benefits: Free Food and Accommodation

Enjoy the perks of free food and accommodation, ensuring a comfortable stay in Qatar.

Training Provided by the Company

Worried about being a fresher? Himalaya Decoration provides tailored training, ensuring you’re equipped for success.

Experience Requirements

The company recognizes diverse roles and provides specific training for each position for the right applicant.

Company’s Approach to Nurturing Skills

Learn about Himalaya Decoration’s commitment to nurturing skills, regardless of your initial experience.

Demand and Salary

Himalaya Decoration Company is currently looking to add 23 male employees to its energetic workforce. The company’s expansion and the exciting prospects it provides to people seeking fulfilling jobs are reflected in this demand.

Monthly Salary Range

Uncover the enticing monthly salary range, ranging from 40,065 to 1,63,900 NPR, making these some of the best-paying jobs in Qatar for freshers.

jobs in qatar for freshers

Interview Details

Mark your calendar for November 17, 2023, for the final interview in Kathmandu, Nepal—a crucial step in securing your desired job in Qatar for Nepalese workers.

Importance of the Interview Process

Understand why the interview is a crucial step in securing your dream job in Qatar for foreign workers.


In conclusion, Himalaya Decoration offers not just jobs in Qatar for freshers workers but career paths filled with growth and fulfillment. Seize this opportunity for a rewarding professional journey in Qatar.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Red Panda International Overseas Private Limited at Tokha-10, Manohar road, Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone: 01-4952910.


What documents are required for the interview for jobs in Qatar for freshers?

  • Ensure you bring your updated resume, educational certificates, and a valid ID.

Is accommodation provided for workers with families in Qatar jobs for freshers?

  • Currently, accommodation is provided for individual workers.

Can I apply if I don’t have prior experience in the specified roles for jobs in Qatar for freshers?

  • Yes, the company offers training for positions that require specific skills and experience.

Are there any additional benefits apart from salary in Qatar jobs for freshers?

  • Along with a competitive salary, workers enjoy free food and accommodation.

How can I reach the company for more information about jobs in Qatar for freshers?

  • For further inquiries, contact the Red Panda International Overseas Private Limited at the provided address and phone number.

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