New job in UAE for Nepali- Good salary 43,428 NPR

Office assistant job in UAE for Nepali workers with an excellent salary. Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC is currently announcing vacancies with free visas and free tickets. Nepali citizens who are interested in working abroad should contact us today.

What is Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC?

Before delving into the details of the job in the UAE for Nepalis, let’s get to know the company better. Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC is a renowned name in the UAE. They specialize in managing properties and facilities and have a strong reputation for quality services. Their commitment to excellence makes them an ideal workplace for those seeking a rewarding career.

Office Assistant Staff Duties

There is a vast variety of tasks that fall under the purview of office assistants that must be completed in order to keep an office running efficiently. Data entry, document filing, and stationery upkeep are all examples of the kinds of administrative jobs that could fall under this category. Appointment setting, fielding messages, and lending assistance to coworkers are all areas where administrative assistants frequently prove indispensable. Their flexibility and capacity to multitask are vital to the smooth operation of any business.

Monthly Salary

Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC offers a competitive monthly pay of 43,428 NPR for office assistants. This guarantees your financial security and lays a solid foundation for your future.

Working Experience

The amount of relevant work experience varies depending on the role. There might be a job in the UAE for Nepalis that fits your skills, regardless of how experienced you are in the workforce or how recently you started.

Accommodation and Food

Your basic requirements are met by Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC, which offers lodging and meals. With this extra perk, you may concentrate on your work as a Nepali in the UAE without having to bother about these necessities.

Contract Period

This employment offer for a Nepali is for a two-year contract, giving you a chance to establish a career in the UAE and a stable commitment.

Working Hours and Days

This employment in the UAE for Nepali will require you to work eight hours a day, six days a week. In compliance with the policies of the organization, overtime possibilities are also offered, providing you the opportunity to increase your income.


This position in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires a minimum of a high school graduation for Nepalese applicants. Because of this, many more people can apply for jobs, and having a college degree isn’t a requirement.

Interview Date

Set aside Monday, November 19 of that year (2023) for the interview. This is your chance to land a great job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) if you’re Nepalese.

job in UAE for Nepali

Contact Us

Rotary Overseas Private Limited is the official contact for questions and applications related to this employment opportunity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Nepalis.

  • Address: Basundhara-3, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Phone: 01-5903872, 5903873

You should contact Rotary Overseas Private Limited immediately if you are interested in learning more about the job in UAE for Nepali that has been drawing so much attention.


1. What are the qualifications required for the job in UAE for Nepali?

To be eligible for this job in the UAE for Nepali, you should have at least a high school diploma. This makes the position accessible to a wide range of candidates.

2. Can I apply for this job in UAE for Nepali if I don’t have much work experience?

Yes, Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC offers positions suitable for candidates with varying levels of work experience. Whether you’re just starting your career or have extensive experience, there may be a job in UAE for Nepali that fits your qualifications.

3. What is the contract period for this job in the UAE for Nepali?

The contract period for this job in the UAE for Nepali is two years, providing stability and an opportunity to build a long-term career in the UAE.

4. Is food and accommodation provided by the company for this job in UAE for Nepali?

Yes, Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC ensures your basic needs are met by providing accommodation and food, making your stay comfortable and worry-free in this job in UAE for Nepali.

5. When is the interview date for this job in the UAE for Nepali?

The interview for this exciting job in the UAE for Nepali is scheduled for November 19, 2023. Be sure to mark your calendar and prepare for this crucial step in your application process.

In conclusion, this job in the UAE for Nepali offers Nepali workers a chance to explore a rewarding career in the UAE. With a competitive salary, accommodation, and food provided, along with flexible qualifications, this position is an excellent choice for those seeking a bright future abroad. Don’t miss the interview date, and take the first step toward an exciting new chapter in your career.

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