Job in UAE for Nepali Citizens With Good Salary 39,842 NPR

Job in UAE for Nepali citizens with attractive salary facilities in various posts in the prestigious Gardinia Building Contracting LLC company of UAE. The demand is 655 people, the monthly salary is 39,842, the work is 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, there is an overtime facility according to the company rules, and the work period is only 2 years.

Experienced workers chose a comparable profession, but the company needed to provide work training to the proper person. Workers must be a hardworking, dependable, timely, and friendly job in UAE for Nepali.

Available position job in UAE for Nepali

  • Brick Mason
  • Carpenter
  • Concrete Mason
  • Scaffolder
  • Steel Fixer
  • Tile Layer
  • Building Labourer
  • Brick Layer Staff


Brick Mason:

The major duty of a brick mason entails the proficient placement of bricks and other masonry pieces in order to construct or repair walls, buildings, and diverse structures. The responsibilities encompassed in this role include the interpretation of blueprints, the calculation of dimensions, and the adherence to building codes.

The accurate application and alignment of mortar are of utmost importance, as they contribute significantly to both the durability and visual appeal of the final result. The function encompasses the essential components of tool maintenance, comprehensive knowledge of diverse bricklaying processes, and effective collaboration with fellow construction professionals.


As a carpenter job in UAE for Nepali, your responsibilities encompass the construction, installation, and restoration of wooden structures and fixtures. This involves a wide range of activities, including the assembly of structural components for structures, the construction of staircases, and the installation of cabinets. Accurate measurement, precise cutting, and meticulous shape of materials are essential aspects in various academic disciplines. In addition, one may be assigned the responsibility of interpreting project specifications, engaging in collaborative efforts with fellow construction personnel, and guaranteeing the safety and functionality of the wooden elements within a given structure.

Concrete Mason:

As a professional in the field of concrete masonry, your primary objective is centered around the creation of robust and architecturally stable concrete constructions. The process entails the blending and application of concrete, molding it into desired structures, and subsequently refining the exposed surfaces. The meticulousness in guaranteeing the accurate uniformity of the concrete mixture, adherence to architectural plans, and proficient use of instruments such as trowels and floats are of utmost importance. The comprehension of curing durations and appropriate finishing methods significantly enhances the general excellence of the finalized undertaking.


The main duty of a scaffolder entails the secure construction and dismantling of scaffolding systems, prioritizing safety. This task encompasses the interpretation of construction plans, the selection and inspection of materials, and the creation of platforms for the purpose of facilitating the work of other specialists in the construction industry. Adherence to industry norms and regulations is of utmost importance in ensuring the implementation of safety practices. The function necessitates the inclusion of collaboration with other trades and the regular inspection of equipment as crucial components.

Steel Fixer:

As a steel fixer job in UAE for Nepali, your responsibilities encompass the fabrication and installation of steel reinforcements within concrete buildings. The tasks of interpreting technical drawings, manipulating steel bars through bending and cutting techniques, and guaranteeing precise positioning within concrete forms are of utmost importance. The meticulous adherence to safety regulations, utilization of suitable tools, and effective collaboration with fellow construction staff are key factors that contribute to the overall structural integrity of the project.

Tile Layer:

The main objective of a tile layer is to proficiently install a wide range of tiles in order to establish surfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical in nature. This encompasses the tasks of surface preparation, tile cutting for proper fitting, and the application of adhesives and grout. The importance of precise alignment and spacing cannot be overstated when aiming to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome. The comprehension of various tile materials and patterns, together with effective collaboration with other crafts, are fundamental elements of this position.

Building Labourer:

In the role of a building laborer job in UAE for Nepali, one is responsible for doing a diverse array of tasks aimed at providing support for various construction activities. The tasks encompassed within this scope involve the preparation of the site, the processing of materials, the operation of equipment, and providing general support to trained tradespeople. The duties may encompass the maintenance and arrangement of workspaces, the transportation of materials, and the promotion of the general effectiveness and security of the building site.

Brick Layer Staff:

As an auxiliary position to the Brick Layer job in UAE for Nepali, your responsibilities encompass the preparation of mortar blends, the transportation of materials, and the provision of assistance in the brick-laying process. This entails the implementation of measures to guarantee a consistent provision of bricks, the upkeep of tools, and adherence to the guidance of the Brick Mason in order to establish a unified and robust brickwork structure. The role under consideration necessitates the essential elements of collaboration with fellow construction professionals and strict attention to safety requirements.

Interview Date

On November 29, 2023, at the designated manpower office, there will be a final interview with a business representative. This important meeting is the last step in the hiring process and is where hopes and opportunities meet. Good luck to everyone who is applying for this important job in UAE for Nepali.

Nepali people interested in working overseas should contact the relevant manpower office for more information; the phone number and office address are listed below.

job in UAE for Nepali


Saan Nepal Private Limited

  • Address: Battisputali-9, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Address: 01-4584977, 4585077

FAQs: Your Queries Answered

Is it challenging for Nepali individuals to adapt to the culture in the UAE?
While challenges exist, with proper preparation and an open mindset, cultural adaptation is very achievable.

Are there specific industries in the UAE that actively seek Nepali workers?
Yes, industries such as construction, hospitality, healthcare, and IT have a demand for Nepali talent.

What language skills are essential for Job in UAE for Nepali seekers in the UAE?
English proficiency is highly valued; however, knowledge of Arabic can be an added advantage.

How can Nepali expatriates build a support network in the UAE?
Joining Nepali communities and participating in social events are effective ways to build a support network.

Are there opportunities for skill development in the UAE?
Absolutely, the UAE provides various training programs and skill enhancement opportunities for job in UAE for Nepali career growth.

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