Best Paying Job in Qatar for Nepali 2023

Are you an experienced professional searching for an amazing Job in Qatar for Nepali? You’ve found it! With great pleasure, Inconel Trading Company is pleased to announce a position exclusively for Nepali workers in Qatar. This is an opportunity to start a career-changing journey, not just a job.

The Company and Its Announcement

The well-known Inconel Trading Company in Qatar is now hiring Nepalese nationals. Their latest announcement has created a stir in the job market, promising an exciting career path for those ready to embrace the opportunity for Nepali workers.

Position: Market Manager

The successful applicant would be offered the role of market manager for Nepali employees. You will have a lot riding on your shoulders as the market manager job in Qatar for Nepali, responsible for keeping an eye on the state of the market and making sure the business does well there.

Work Details job in Qatar for Nepali

The job in Qatar for Nepali requires employees to put in eight hours a day, six days a week, while following all rules set by the employer. According to business policy, employees in Nepal can request and work overtime to boost their salaries.

Compensation Package

A respectable salary of 207,936 NPR and other enticing benefits are waiting for the chosen candidates. Inconel Trading Company is dedicated to its Nepali staff and strives to reward them with a benefits package befitting such dedication.

Accommodation and food

For your comfort and productivity, the organization provides lodging and food. This kind of gift allows you to focus on your job in Qatar for Nepali without worrying about daily life.

Duration of Work

The initial contract is for two years and provides stability as well as the opportunity to immerse oneself in the Qatari work culture. It’s more than just a job; it’s a two-year adventure that promises growth and learning for Nepali workers.

Interview Details

Mark your calendars for November 20, 2023. That’s when the job interview for Nepali people will take place. The event will take place at S.R. Group HR Consultancy Private Limited in Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal. You can call them at 01-4110700 if you have any questions or need more information.

Contact Information

You can call S.R. Group HR Consultancy at any time if you need more information or want to make sure you understand something. Use the information given to Nepali workers to get in touch with them.

Benefits of the Opportunity

Aside from the pay and benefits, a job in Qatar for Nepali people the chance to learn about other cultures, improve their skills, and grow as people. For Nepali workers, it’s more than just a job; it’s a chance to learn new things and build a successful career.

Job in Qatar for Nepali


The job opportunity offered by Inconel Trading Company for Nepali workers in Qatar extends beyond a mere professional transition, as it presents an opportunity for a profound and transforming encounter. Do not overlook this opportunity to influence your destiny and embrace novel possibilities.


  1. Q: Is the salary negotiable for Nepali workers in Qatar?
    • A: While the salary is competitive, negotiations can be discussed during the interview process for Nepali workers based on qualifications and experience.
  2. Q: Are there opportunities for career advancement for Nepali workers?
    • Yes, Inconel Trading Company encourages professional growth for Nepali workers, providing opportunities for career advancement for Nepali workers within the organization.
  3. Q: What documents are required for the application for Nepali workers in Qatar?
    • A: Typically, you’ll need a valid passport, educational certificates, and any relevant work experience documents.
  4. Q: Can family members accompany me to Qatar as a Nepali worker?
    • A: In most cases, companies in Qatar provide provisions for family members to join, but specific details should be discussed with the employer.
  5. Q: How does the company support the cultural transition for Nepali workers in Qatar?
    • Inconel Trading Company understands the importance of cultural adjustment and provides support through orientation programs and community networks in Qatar.

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