Best Factory Jobs in Mauritius 2023 – Good salary 60,200 NPR

Factory jobs in Mauritius for Nepali citizens with attractive wage packages in various positions at the prominent Mauritius-based Hyvec Partners Ltd. company The need is 420 individuals, the monthly compensation ranges from 52,352 to 60,200, the job is 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, overtime is permitted according to corporate policy, and the work period is only two years.

Experienced workers chose a comparable profession, but the company needed to provide work training to the proper person. Workers must be hardworking, dependable, timely, and friendly. Factory jobs in Mauritius.

Available factory jobs in Mauritius

  • Mason
  • Carpenter
  • Steel fixer
  • Supervisor
  • Cook
  • Electrician
  • Plumber


Masonry: Your masonry skills will be critical in establishing the groundwork for our construction projects. From bricklaying to concrete work, your knowledge will help to ensure the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of our structures.

Carpentry: As a professional carpenter, you will be responsible for the creation and installation of building frameworks, structures, and fixtures. Your accuracy and attention to detail will ensure that our buildings are not only strong but also visually appealing.

Steel Reinforcement: The quality of steel reinforcement determines the strength of our construction. Your job entails precisely placing and securing steel bars to ensure that the building’s concrete components have the requisite tensile strength.

Supervision: As a supervisor, you will be in charge of supervising and coordinating the actions of the construction team. Your ability to lead will be critical to ensuring a safe and efficient working environment. You will be the cornerstone that ensures activities are performed on schedule and within specifications, from project planning to resource allocation.

Cooking: In addition to your construction duties, you will also be responsible for cooking. It is critical to provide nutritious and delicious meals for the team in order to sustain energy levels and build a positive working environment.

Electrician: Your skills as an electrician will be put to use on the building site as you install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment. Ensuring a safe and effective electrical infrastructure is critical to the project’s overall success.

Plumbing: Your plumbing skills will be essential in installing and maintaining our construction projects’ water and drainage systems. Your involvement in ensuring a working plumbing network is critical, from pipefitting to troubleshooting.

Factory jobs in Mauritius

Nepali people interested in working overseas should contact the relevant manpower office for more information; the phone number and office address are listed below.


Subha Harati Manpower Private Limited

  • Address: Balaju Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Ph: 4987624, 4987746, 4987748


How do I apply for these factory jobs in Mauritius?

  • The application process is simple. Visit the company’s official website for detailed instructions.

What is the necessary documentation for the application process?

  • Ensure you have your qualifications and relevant experience documents ready.

Is there any age limit for applying to these positions? Factory jobs in Mauritius

  • The company welcomes applications from individuals with the necessary skills, irrespective of age.

Can I apply if I have limited experience in the specified field?

  • Yes, the company provides training, making it an excellent opportunity for both experienced professionals and those eager to learn.

What sets Hyvec Partners Ltd. apart from other employers?

  • Hyvec Partners Ltd. is known for its commitment to employee well-being and a track record of successful projects. Factory jobs in Mauritius.

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