Best WordPress Themes in 2021

best theme for wordpress in 2021

Are you searching for the best WordPress theme in 2021? It’s hard work to find the perfect theme for your site.

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What is a WordPress theme?

WordPress is a framework that provides backend support for a website. Even though it powers a website it requires the front end to provide service on the user’s end. WordPress theme is UI or frontend of WordPress which helps in providing service to the visitors. Likewise, it is the design of the website.

There is various type of themes for your blog or website. You should select one of them which is best for you. Although, I may provide you with the best I can find. You can get better so never stop researching. In this article, you will learn the best free themes available Along with which one is best suited for your site.

Following are the themes I recommend you:



Astra is a fully customizable theme in WordPress which is best for both bloggers as well as business. It is highly modifiable as per your requirement. Being quick, dependable, and adaptable to make changes serves its purpose.

Since it contains a pre-designed layout and pre-settled settings, it opens a gateway to your dream project. It is best for bloggers and business both. Even though I prefer it for business because its pro version is costly and provides features most of the business organizations requires.



GeneratePress is the most lightweight and packed with features theme. It is included with features required by a personal website publisher. As well as it includes all tools and plugins support required by a business publisher. The main function of this theme is that without compromising any features you can load your site fast and efficiently.

It focuses on sleek and clean design. Accordingly, it provides the best user experience and customization according to your requirement. I prefer using it for portfolios and business websites.


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