Bakery Job in Qatar for Nepalese Workers 2023 – Good Salary 54,720 NPR

Are you a skilled and motivated individual looking for an exciting opportunity Bakery job in Qatar abroad? Bhetghat Restaurant in Qatar is thrilled to announce job vacancies for Nepalese workers in various roles within their dynamic bakery team. The available positions include chawarma makers, cooks, general cleaning workers, and waiters.

Available position bakery job in Qatar

  • Chawarma maker
  • Cooks
  • General cleaning worker
  • Waiter

Job Details:

  • Demand: The restaurant is hiring 06 male and female workers, providing an equal opportunity for both genders.
  • Salary: An attractive package of 54,720 NPR awaits successful candidates.
  • Duties: Expect an 8-hour workday with 6 shifts a week, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.
  • Overtime: Additional earnings are available based on company rules.
  • Fooding/Accommodation: The company takes care of your basic needs, providing food and accommodation.
  • Duration of work: Commit to a two-year period, contributing your skills to this thriving restaurant.

Interview Preparation Tips:

Show off your skills, knowledge, and desire for the job during the interview to stand out. Get ready to talk about what you’ve done and how it fits with what Bhetghat Restaurant needs.

Making chawarma

Making chawarma, a popular Middle Eastern food made with seasoned meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, is part of the job of a Chawarma Maker. Some of their jobs are to season and marinate the meat, put it on the grill, and make sure it cooks perfectly. The person who makes the shawarma must also know how to cut the cooked meat into thin slices for serving.


As a Cook, you are responsible for a wider range of jobs related to making food. This includes making menus and following them, making sure food is safe and clean, keeping an eye on cooking times and temperatures, and working with the kitchen team to make sure items are delivered on time.

General cleaning workers

General Cleaning Workers are in charge of keeping the cooking or restaurant area clean and germ-free. They are responsible for keeping the workplace clean for employees and customers by sweeping and mopping the floors, wiping down all counters and equipment, properly disposing of waste, and so on.


Customer service and working at the front of the house are part of a Waiter’s job. There are people called waiters who take orders, bring out food and drinks, talk to customers to make sure they have a good time, take payments, and keep the eating area clean and well-organized.

bakery job in Qatar

    How to Apply:

    Interested candidates are invited to apply through Progressive Placement Services Nepal Private Limited. Here are the contact details:

    Contact Information:

    • Address: Buddhanagar-10, Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Phone: 01-4796958


    Finally, the Bakery Job in Qatar for Nepalese Workers in 2023 is a unique chance to learn about another culture while also improving your career. Send in your application today to start your journey toward a satisfying job at Bhetghat Restaurant.


    How do I apply for the bakery job in Qatar?
    Prepare your resume and relevant documents, then attend the interview on November 19, 2023, at Progressive Placement Services Nepal Private Limited.

    What benefits are included in the salary package bakery job in Qatar?
    The 54,720 NPR salary includes provided food and accommodation.

    Can I apply if I’m not from Nepal?
    This opportunity is specifically for Nepalese workers.

    How long is the duration of the bakery job in Qatar?
    The commitment is for a two-year period.

    What makes Bhetghat Restaurant unique?
    Bhetghat Restaurant offers a positive work environment, ongoing training, and a chance to contribute to a restaurant that values innovation and quality.

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