Your Dream Job Vacancies In UAE For Freshers 2024

There is a job opportunity in the UAE for Nepalese citizens, which offers a free visa and ticket. Are you qualified and currently searching for a good-paying job in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Great news for Nepalese citizens: There are exciting job vacancies in UAE for freshers workers like yourself. A reputed Kcav Technical Services and Kc Contracting WLL, two different companies, are currently looking for qualified male Nepalese workers to fill various positions.

Open position for a Nepali citizen

These two different companies are currently asking for Nepalese workers in 11 different posts. Please see below for all information about posts, demand numbers, and salaries:

KCAV Technical Services Company Open Position

Electrician5Rs 43,512/-
Scaffolder Shuttering Carpenter5Rs 43,512/-
Steel Fixer / Reinforcemint5Rs 43,512/-
Stone Mason5Rs 43,512/-
Scaffolder5Rs 43,512/-

Kc Contracting WLL Company Open Position

Driver1Rs 51,114/-
Engineer1Rs 1,53,342/-
Labour2Rs 36,510/-
Plumber1Rs 40,161/-
Supervisior1Rs 91,275/-
Supervisor1Rs 40,161/-

Working Hours and Days

For this position, working hours per day are 8 and 6 shifts a week, and one day of the week will be a holiday as per UAE company rules. Overtime facilities are available as per company rules for Nepali workers. The contract period of work in this company will be 2 years, and after the contract is over, you will have to return to Nepal.

Benefits job vacancies in UAE for freshers

These job vacancies in UAE for freshers come with an excellent salary and good benefits for Nepali citizens. You can expect a monthly salary between NPR 40,161 and NPR 1,53,342, depending on your working position. There are also good benefits available for the company, including free food & accommodation for Nepali workers. With free food and accommodation, Nepali citizens will be able to save their entire salary with the facility of free food and accommodation.

Required qualification

For these positions to be eligible for these job vacancies in UAE for freshers Nepalese workers, you will need the minimum qualification of SLC to 12th running and pass (a certificate), and the applicant must read, write, and speak English; Urdu language proficiency is a plus. It will be easy for those who qualify to work and make friends in the UAE.

Final interview dates

Set your interview date. The final interview date for these job vacancies in the UAE for freshmen Nepalese workers is scheduled for April 10th, 2024. Interview location: Samakhusi town planning, Kathmandu, and interviews run from 10 am. to 4 pm. in the office of Horus. If you are a qualified person, please get in touch with Pokhara Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. All the contact details are listed below:

job vacancies in UAE for freshers

Contact Details

  • Manpower Office Name: Pokhara Recruitment Private Limited
  • Office Address: Samakhusi Town Planning, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Telephone Number: 01-4038186, 4038483
  • Mobile number: 9801152243
  • Email Address:,

Take this excellent employment opportunity to build your career in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These good-paying job vacancies in UAE for freshers Nepalese citizens.

Note: This office will be open from Sunday to Friday, and office opening hours are 9 am to 4 pm. You can come to this office at this time and get all the employment information.

Please see the list below for all the information that Nepal’s Foreign Employment Department has provided.

  • Talk to the agency about the visa proof that was given to you.
  • Keep the contact details and location of the Diplomatic Mission of Nepal in the country you are going to work in; it will be easy to contact if you get into trouble.
  • Make sure you understand the services, facilities, and pay that are provided in this advertisement.
  • Before going to foreign employment, you will have to go for employment only after taking orientation or induction training.
  • Before going abroad, sign the employment contract only after reading the details regarding the country, company, facilities, services, terms, and conditions mentioned in the agreement thoroughly and keeping a copy of the same.
  • If you’re going abroad, you should use the International Airport of Nepal.
  • If you want to know all the information about this advertisement, please visit the website of Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), or you can also visit the Department of Foreign Employment Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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