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Job offers in Jordan for Nepali citizens with free visas. MAS AL SAFI APPAREL LLC & CASUAL WEAR APPAREL LLC, two different companies, are announcing vacancies for Nepali workers to fill two different positions. This blog post will explain the demand number, salary details, and working conditions.

Open positions:

The two reputed companies seek qualified and reliable male & female staff.

Factory Worker50250Rs 41,474/-
Factory Worker0243Rs 41,474/-

Working Hours/Days/Duration of Work:

In these two companies, the working hours for Nepali workers per day are 8 and 6 shifts every week. Total of 48 hours every week working. The company offers overtime opportunities for the right person as per company rules. The demand number is 543 for both male & female staff. The duration of work is two years, and once your working contract is over, you return to Nepal.

Benefits of job offers in Jordan:

The company offers excellent salaries, Jordan currency at 200 per month, and converts the Nepali rupee to 41,474 monthly. These companies provide free food and accommodation for all workers. Other benefits are available, such as medical, insurance, and return air tickets. 


Job offers in Jordan for Nepali workers require the following qualifications: SLC to 12th certificate. Candidates who have a little bit of spoken English have an excellent advantage—age between 22 and – 35 years old. 

Interview Date:

Pre-interview is going on; the final interview date for this vacancy is April 29, 2024, at the workforce office in Kathmandu. The interview runs from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you are qualified for this position, then prepare for the interview. 

job offers in Jordan

Contact office in Nepal:

For more complete information and to apply for this job offer in Jordan, please get in touch with us at SSC Manpower Company Private Limited.

  • Office Address: GPO Box 8975, EPC 5219, Maharajgunj, Kapan Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Phone number: 01-4545048, 4545148, Fax: 01-4420002, E-mail address:


Recruiting Agency in NepalSCC Manpower Company Private Limited
Company NameMas Al Safi Apparel LLC
Lot Number275984
Job Approval Date2022-11-18

Most Important Notice:

The information provided by the Department of Foreign Employment.

  • If only the visa is granted in our name, we should only deposit the money in the office. The amount of funds deposited should be compensated at any cost.
  • The address and phone number of the Nepalese embassy located in the nation where you are going to work should be with you.
  • You should avoid paying any extra money for advertising.
  • Pre-training should be taken compulsory before leaving the country.
  • Make insurance mandatory when going for foreign employment.
  • You should sign the contract agreement only after getting the proper information about the country, the company that provided the job, the service facility, and others; you should keep at least one copy of the signed deal.
  • You should avoid going on labor approval. Nepalese passports should be used when going to work in other countries. It would be best if you didn’t believe in the work of brokers during working hours, or you would get scammed.
  • If you need more detailed information about the advertisement, contact the Department of Foreign Employment, Tinkune, Kathmandu.
  • It would help if you didn’t leave or run from the company you will work on for external purposes.
  • It would be best to obey the rules and regulations of the country where you will work.
  • You should return to your country if your working period has expired.

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