Golden Ticket Job In UAE For Nepali Workers 2024

A free visa and a free ticket A job in UAE for Nepali workers with a very good salary and benefits. If Nepalese workers are currently searching for the highest-paying job in the UAE, then there is good news for you. Golden Astro Technical Services LLC, a reputed company, has opened doors to skilled individuals in Nepal. There is a golden opportunity for Nepalese workers to get the best-paying job at this prestigious company in the UAE.

Highest Paying New Vacancy Opening in UAE for Nepali Citizens

This is your best chance to land a rewarding job in UAE for Nepali workers. A reputed Astro Technical Services LLC company is currently opening a vacancy for Nepali workers:

Account1Rs 72,040/-
Black Smith2Rs 423,224/-
Brick Mason3Rs 43,224/-
Building Architect1Rs 54,030/-
Building Labour5Rs 43,224/-
Building Painter4Rs 43,224/-
Carpenter5Rs 43,224/-
Calling Fixer3Rs 54,030/-
Cement Mixer1Rs 54,030/-
Construction Carpenter7Rs 43,224/-
Construction Supervisor2Rs 54,030/-
Decorative Painter2Rs 54,030/-
Engraver3Rs 54,030/-
Insulation Workers3Rs 54,030/-
Officer Cleaner1Rs 43,224/-
Painter4Rs 43,224/-
Plaster8Rs 43,224/-
Plumber Assistant1Rs 54,030/-

Working Hours and Days

Job in UAE for Nepali workers working per day 8 hours and working shift 6 days a week, a total of 48 hours per week. Overtime is also available per UAE company rules and regulations. One day off per week. The contract period for Nepali workers will be 2 years, and if you want to work for this company after your contract is over, then renew your contract.

Benefits of job in UAE for Nepali workers

With a salary ranging from Rs 43,224 to Rs 72,040, Golden Astro Technical Services LLC will also provide food and accommodation to Nepali workers. This is a very good opportunity for Nepalese citizens to save all their salaries. This job in UAE for Nepali workers provides a competitive package that meets all of your needs, It’s perfect for Nepalese citizens.

Interview Dates

The pre-interview is going on. At the company’s main office in Kathmandu, the representative will conduct the final interview on March 26, 2024. When you come for the interview, please bring all your certificates along with you: 1 passport, 2 passport-size photographs, 3 educational qualification certificates, and relevant work experience certificates, if any.

job in UAE for Nepali workers

Contact Us

For more complete details on this job in UAE for Nepali workers and how to apply, please contact us at Green Land Human Resources Private Limited.

  • Office Name: Green Lan Human Resource Private Limited
  • Address: Buddhanagar-10, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tel: 01-5914267
  • Mobile: 9851105989
  • Email:

Note: This office will be open from Sunday to Friday, and office opening hours are 9 am to 4 pm. You can come to this office at this time and get all the employment information.

Please see the list below for all the information that Nepal’s Foreign Employment Department has provided.

  1. Talk to the agency about the visa proof that was given to you.
  2. Keep the contact details and location of the Diplomatic Mission of Nepal in the country you are going to work in; it will be easy to contact if you get into trouble.
  3. Make sure you understand the services, facilities, and pay that are provided in this advertisement.
  4. Before going to foreign employment, you will have to go for employment only after taking orientation or induction training.
  5. Before going abroad, sign the employment contract only after reading the details regarding the country, company, facilities, services, terms, and conditions mentioned in the agreement thoroughly and keeping a copy of the same.
  6. If you’re going abroad, you should use the International Airport of Nepal.
  7. If you want to know all the information about this advertisement, please visit the website of the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), or you can also visit the Department of Foreign Employment Tahachal.

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