Dream Job in Kuwait for Nepali – Excellent Salaries 2024

Job in Kuwait for Nepali workers with a free visa. Suppose you dream of starting a career in Kuwait. In that case, you are lucky because jobs in Kuwait are available for Nepalese citizens in different fields and positions while offering excellent service and a reasonable income. This article provides information about the available positions, salaries, work conditions, and benefits.

Available Positions

The companies provide urgent job in Kuwait for Nepali employees in different fields and positions, such as Carpenter, Painter, Helper, Electrician, Light Vehicle Driver, Heavy Vehicle Driver, Mason Plastic Worker, Welder, Mechanic/Technician, Cleaner (Indoor), Staff Nurse/Medical Assitance, JCB Operator/Machine Operator, General Labor/Helper (Indoor), Engineer (Electrical, Computer, Diploma).

Working Hours and Days

According to the agreement for a job in Kuwait for Nepali, the work shift is 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week. The company also provides overtime facilities; the contract lasts two years.

Important note: This Kuwait job vacancy demands a total of 302 employees. Both males and females can apply for these positions.

Salary and Benefits Job in Kuwait for Nepali

These jobs in Kuwait offer a salary range from NPR 38,000 to NPR 1,84,122 monthly, including free food and stay, medical insurance, yearly air tickets, 30 days of annual leave, and a yearly bonus.


To deserve this job in Kuwait for Nepali citizens, you should have some minimum qualifications, such as an educational certificate of SEE passed or higher level, good communication skills in English, and an age between 22 and 35 years.

Final Interview Date

The job in Kuwait for Nepali citizens is as follows: Pre-interviews are conducted daily; the final interview date is May 20, 2024, in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. A qualified person prepares for interview practice. 

job in Kuwait for Nepali

How to Apply

For more detailed information about Kuwait vacancy in Nepal 2024, you can visit their office, named Khagol Overseas Private Limited, located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal, or contact them via email at info@khagoloverseas.com.np, khagoloverseas@gmail.com. Or contact directly at 01-5244747, 5244448, or mobile at 9801022869, 9801022872, 9801022873.

Final Conclusion

This job in Kuwait offers an excellent opportunity to work with a satisfying salary, benefits, good service, and a chance to explore luxury and enhance your skills and experience.


  • What are the working hours for the jobs in Kuwait?
  • The working hours for the jobs in Kuwait are 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week.
  • What are the benefits of Kuwait jobs?
  • Some benefits of Kuwait jobs include appropriate income, good hospitality, and the reasonable market value of Kuwait’s currency in Nepal.
  • What are the basic qualifications needed to apply for a job in Kuwait?
  • The minimum qualification of at least SEE passed is required to apply for the job in Kuwait.
  • Is the work environment in Kuwait suitable for Nepalese workers?
  • Apart from outdoor jobs, the work environment is ideal for Nepalese workers.

Most Important Notice:

The information provided by the Department of Foreign Employment.

  • If only the visa is granted in our name, we should only deposit the money in the office. The amount of funds deposited should be compensated at any cost.
  • The address and phone number of the Nepalese embassy located in the nation where you are going to work should be with you.
  • You should avoid paying any extra money for advertising.
  • Pre-training should be taken compulsory before leaving the country.
  • Make insurance mandatory when going for foreign employment.
  • You should sign the contract agreement only after getting the proper information about the country, the company that provided the job, the service facility, and others; you should keep at least one copy of the signed deal.
  • You should avoid going on labor approval. Nepalese passports should be used when going to work in other countries. It would be best if you didn’t believe in the work of brokers during working hours, or you would get scammed.
  • If you need more detailed information about the advertisement, contact the Department of Foreign Employment, Tinkune, Kathmandu.
  • It would help if you didn’t leave or run from the company you will work on for external purposes.
  • It would be best to obey the rules and regulations of the country where you will work.
  • You should return to your country if your working period has expired.

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