Find Exciting Hotel Jobs in Paphos Cyprus 2024

Nepali citizens have employment opportunities in Cyprus, with excellent salaries and benefits. Suppose you are a Nepalese citizen looking for the highest-paying hotel jobs in Paphos Cyprus. In that case, it is a beautiful opportunity for Nepali workers looking for a long-term hotel job in Cyprus.

Open Position for Nepalese citizens

Andria Kyriakou Private Employment is currently recruiting for various positions:

Bartender22NPR 1,15,420/-
Electrician20NPR 100,995/-
Housekeeping Attendant16NPR 93,780/-
Receptionist02NPR 1,15,420/-
SPA Therapist01NPR 1,15,420/-
Waiter/Waitress03NPR 100,995/-

Working Hours and Days

Nepalese employees can expect to work 8 hours per day, six shifts per week, and 48 hours weekly. The company offers overtime opportunities for the right applicant. Workers will have the chance to earn extra money by getting overtime facilities. The working period is two years.

Salary and Benefits of Hotel Jobs in Paphos Cyprus

Successful candidates will enjoy competitive benefits for this vacancy, including:

  • Monthly salary ranging from 93,780 to 1,15,420 Nepali rupees
  • Free food and accommodation
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Return home airline ticket
  • Yearly bonus per company rules and regulations

Requirement Qualifications

To be eligible for consideration for these hotel jobs in Paphos Cyprus, Nepali applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum SLC pass or above.
  • Read, write, and speak fluently using the English language.
  • Age limit 25 to 30 years old.

Final Interview Date

Pre-interviews are going on daily for these hotel jobs in Paphos Cyprus. The final interview is on May 13, 2024, in Samakhusi Chowk, Kathmandu.  

hotel jobs in paphos Cyprus

How to Apply

If you are qualified for this vacancy, for inquiries, or to apply for these positions, please contact:

  • Office Name: Wisdom Human Resources Private Limited
  • Address: Samakhusi Chowk, GPO Box No, 2234, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tel: +977-1-4950735, 4980095
  • Email:


Andria Kyriakou Private Employment offers the best opportunities for foreign workers to build a better future with good salary facilities for those seeking employment in the hospitality industry in Paphos, Cyprus.


  • How can I apply for a position at Andria Kyriakou Private Employment?
  • If you are eligible for this position and would like to apply, please call or email the telephone number provided.
  • What are the working days and hours for these positions?
  • According to the company’s rules, there will be 8 hours a day and six days a week, and overtime is also available.
  • Has the company arranged accommodations for its employees?
  • Nepali workers are provided free accommodation and food as part of the employment package.
  • What qualifications are required for Nepali citizens to apply for this post?
  • Nepali candidates should have a minimum SLC pass and good communication skills in English.
  • When and where is the last interview date?
  • The final interview is scheduled for May 13, 2024. Pre-interviews are conducted daily. The interview will be held in Samakhusi Chowk, Kathmandu.

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