Demand 334 male | female Security guard in UAE | Salary Up-to 71,800/- NPR

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a significant demand for well-trained security personnel, as evidenced by a recent job posting seeking 334 male and female Nepalese security guards. These individuals will aid in creating a secured environment for businesses and residential communities throughout the region. Highly-skilled and professional Nepalese security guards are sought after in the UAE due to their reputation for diligence, adaptability, and trustworthiness in ensuring the protection and well-being of clients and their properties.

The specific duties of a security guard may vary depending on the employer and the location of the assignment, but some common duties may include: Patrolling the premises to ensure the safety and security of people and property. Controlling access to the premises by checking IDs and verifying the credentials of visitors and employees. Responding to emergency situations such as medical emergencies or security breaches.

Maintaining detailed records of incidents and security-related activities. Reporting any suspicious activities or security breaches to appropriate authorities. Enforcing rules and regulations to maintain order and safety. Providing customer service by assisting visitors and employees with directions or other requests. Performing other related duties as assigned by supervisors.

Their duties typically involve working 8-10 hours a day, six shifts a week, with overtime opportunities available. This demanding schedule is offset by the provision of free food and accommodations for the guards, ensuring they have all their basic needs met while on duty. This setup enables security personnel to focus on their responsibilities and adequately protect the people and property in their care. Contact Us: Future Employment Services Private Limited

Nepal Recruiting Agency Name Future Employment Services Private Limited
Lot Number 266287
Country Name UAE


Company Name Star Security Services LLC
Approval Date Information 2078/03/19

The Department of Foreign Labor provides the following information

  1. Your deposit should be made after you have received a personal visa from the company. Collect the voucher as soon as possible
  2. here are Nepalese diplomatic offices in the countries where you are employed or will be employed. Make sure to note their contact information. You can easily contact them when necessary
  3. Don’t give more than the amount listed on the document
  4. You must go through orientation before you can work abroad
  5. For employment abroad, please make sure you carefully research the country, the company, and the perks you will receive before traveling. You should only sign the agreement once you have read it carefully. Make sure you have a copy of this document on hand
  6. When traveling abroad, it is best to use the Nepali airport rather than other airports, since there are chances of being conned otherwise
    Please contact the Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal if you have any questions about this ad

The following instructions are important if you are considering foreign employment

  • Before applying, check all LT details
  • Knowing how much of your quota is left will help you decide whether to apply. It’s possible the quota was met
  • Find out whether recruitment agencies and foreign employers have a transaction history. You can search for it using Google
  • Sending an SMS will allow you to receive the information at any time. To send it to 34001, type LT [space] [Lt-Number]

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